Women-Only Therapy Group for Treating Addictions

What is the Women’s Group?

At Castle Craig, we have several specialised therapy groups which aim to directly tackle specific problems our patients must deal with in order to fully recover from their alcohol or drug addiction. The Women’s Group is one of these.

Sometimes it can be very difficult for a woman to talk about the emotional pain and traumatic experiences she has gone through in a group that includes men. Women’s Group provides a ‘safe’ and comfortable setting for women in recovery to open up and share stories and feelings that they may otherwise keep hidden.  

Benefits of Women’s Group in Alcohol and Drug Rehab

There are a number of benefits to a women-only therapy group:

  • It is a non-confrontational, non-judgmental and compassionate environment for women to share their struggles, fears and anxieties.
  • Sharing within a women’s only group creates a safe community. Members can develop a shared sense of empathy and community, find common issues and provide mutual support that can be transferred to a safe network once people leave rehabilitation and are back to their home environment.
  • All-female groups provide a more supportive setting for treating co-occurring disorders that women commonly struggle with, such as trauma or eating disorders. 
  • Women’s group therapy helps address specific social and emotional problems that are usually associated with substance use among women, such as: stigma; negative portrayal of women in society and the media; stereotypes about beauty and women’s sexuality; motherhood; social and familial pressure; marital problems; intimate partner abuse or codependency.
  • A lot of the reasons why women relapse are interpersonal, so it’s particularly important to look at relationships in group therapy, so they can identify what has contributed to their addiction.

Empowering Women

In her capacity as the coordinator of one of the women’s groups at Castle Craig, Jessica Tomlinson-Hill, Senior Therapist, finds it valuable: “There is something very powerful about women supporting other women and identifying with each other. Sometimes in group therapy there is an electric energy. You can see women getting something, clicking and connecting. That comes from truth and honesty and being able to be honest with yourself. You can almost see the burdens dropping off.”