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As a UK Addiction Treatment Centre, Castle Craig takes pride in its reputation and experience.  We believe our treatment service offers something special and unique.  In this section we hope we can convey this using words, pictures and videos.

We are passionate about renewing lives lost to addiction, bringing understanding and acceptance, helping patients to face the past, present and future and helping families move forward together.

We take pride in a very high patient satisfaction rate and attribute this to our most valuable resource – the compassion and dedication of our staff.  Some have moved thousands of miles to join us, and some are former patients of Castle Craig.

The words and experiences of our patients perhaps convey the strongest messages.

Castle Craig takes pride in its reputation and experience. As a recognised leader in UK addiction recovery, we believe our rehabilitation service and treatments offer something special and unique.

Castle Craig Rehab Clinic in Scotland

A Brief History of our UK Addiction Treatment Centre

Castle Craig Hospital opened its doors in 1988. Since then, the hospital has treated over 10,000 patients from all over the world with an overall 98% satisfaction rate.

Castle Craig was founded by Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann, who have been dedicated to addiction recovery for more than 30 years. Considered two of the UK’s leading experts in addiction treatment, the dynamic duo opened their first treatment centre, Clouds House, in Wiltshire in 1983.

Castle Craig Rehab Clinic

An Idyllic Location to Escape Addiction

Nestled in the hills and woodlands of the Scottish Borders region, Castle Craig boasts a spectacular countryside location. Spread over 50 private acres, the peaceful surroundings provide an escape from the worries of everyday life so that one can focus on overcoming addiction and getting better.

The property is easily accessible, only a forty-minute drive from Edinburgh and about an hour from Glasgow. If necessary, the hospital will happily arrange transportation to fellow patients from nearby major airports.

50 Acres of Beautiful Surroundings at Castle Craig Hospital | A UK Addiction Treatment Centre

Warm and Welcoming Environment

At Castle Craig, our goal is to create an inviting environment for patients. A residential rehab should not feel like a sterile medical facility – it should be a comfortable, restful environment with a homely feel and a thriving therapeutic community, based upon a bedrock of excellent medical care.

Each patient at Castle Craig is taken care of by attentive staff on a personal level. Here, we believe that even those battling a mild addiction shouldn’t be given any less consideration than anyone else. Addiction is a serious disease and one needs plenty of proper attention and support to take on the battle.

Our phone lines are open 24/7 and we arrange admissions throughout the week, often within 24 hours.

The recovery process doesn’t end when you come out of an intensive residential rehab programme. At Castle Craig, we recognise that addiction is a chronic illness and relapse can occur. This is why we provide support to our patients, long after they leave the clinic, through our continuing care programme to assure a lasting recovery. Continuing care includes free aftercare group support, access to community resources, and opportunities to return to Castle Craig for additional treatment.

Warm & Welcoming Surroundings at Castle Craig Hospital | A UK Addiction Treatment Centre

The Patient Experience

After admission, patients will be carefully assessed by our clinical and therapeutic team in order to determine the severity of their addiction and what their treatment plan will look like. After all, each person is unique and has different needs. After an initial assessment, patients may find that they have other accompanying cross-addictions, or an underlying issue.

Cross-addiction and dual diagnosis is something that is taken very seriously at Castle Craig. If an alcohol or drug addiction is linked to a mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, we always treat the psychological aspect as well as the substance dependency to ensure a full recovery.

Upon arrival, patients will begin a supervised detoxification period. How the detox is organised and how long it will last will be different for each person, as each situation is handled differently.

During and after detox, patients will also begin therapy, which has both an individual and group component. Group therapy is important as it allows those with addiction issues to connect with others who are going through the process. Patients will also participate in education sessions and lectures to understand their addiction better.

Patients will also have a chance to participate in various activities and modern therapeutic techniques, such as art therapy, drumming, yoga and many outdoor activities. There is also an on-site gym to allow guests to stay active during their stay.

The standard recommended length of stay at Castle Craig is six weeks, and can be lengthened if necessary with our extended treatment programme.

Extended treatment patients will have opportunities to participate in off-site activities, such as visits to local support group sessions (such as AA) or field trips to cultural sites. Other leisure activities, such as museum visits, social nights, and shopping trips, are also arranged as entertainment.

As mentioned previously, continued support and aftercare are critical to a successful recovery. Castle Craig will provide helpful resources for all patients to make sure that they won’t be left without support after they leave.

Comfortable Accommodation at Castle Craig Hospital | A UK Addiction Treatment Centre

High-Quality Accommodation

Castle Craig has two different accommodation units, one for intensive care and one for extended care.

In Extended Treatment, patients are housed in single-sex cottages, with single or twin rooms, most of which are en-suite. Amenities such as kitchens, lounge and dining areas, and laundry are shared within the community. In intensive care, laundry is taken care of by the staff, while in extended care, patients have access to self-serve facilities.

Castle Craig regularly maintains and updates all of its accommodation and treatment facilities to maintain a high standard of living.

Innovative Treatment Techniques

Castle Craig maintains its status as a leader in addiction treatment. The hospital was the first addiction rehabilitation centre to bring the 12-step treatment to Scotland. To this day, the Castle Craig and its staff participates in continuous learning and takes the time to explore, learn and integrate new treatment techniques.

Castle Craig is also UK’s first addiction rehabilitation centre to have HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) as a complementary treatment option (currently unavailable. For updates contact info@castlecraig.co.uk). HBOT can aid in the detoxification process by enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. During a period of one hour, patients sit in a pressurised chamber and breathe an oxygen-rich air mixture through a mask. The process stimulates the production and regeneration of body cells, and releases built-up toxins in the brain.

Another alternative treatment technique unique to Castle Craig is equine-assisted psychotherapy, which is group therapy with horses. Previous Castle Craig patients claim that the equine-based therapy was one of the most memorable and exciting part of their stay.

Internationally Recognised and Professional Team at Castle Craig Hospital | A UK Addiction Treatment Centre

Internationally Recognised and Professional Team

From the admissions staff to therapists to the medical personnel, the team at Castle Craig consists of caring professionals. Some of them have come from far-away international destinations to join the hospital.

Patients are in good hands at Castle Craig, with a 24-hour nursing team, a resident doctor, and many professional psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

Castle Craig also hires consultants on a regular basis to improve its level of care. With specialist staff, including fitness trainers, the hospital takes pride in providing a supportive, family-like environment for all its patients.

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