Getting Admitted

How to Get Admitted at Castle Craig Rehab

Our Admission Process

The first step to recovery can be getting admitted into rehab treatment, for either you or a loved one but it can be challenging to pick up the phone for the first time. At Castle Craig Hospital, we recognise that you may be in distress, and in need of urgent help, and we want to make the process as simple as possible. Our highly trained staff are here to offer you the compassionate and experienced advice that we hope will help in your time of need.

1. Help Desk and Admissions

Our helpdesk and admissions staff will be there to answer your call, and guide you through the services and treatment options at Castle Craig Hospital to see if it is the right fit for you. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have on what residential rehabilitation includes, the advised length of treatment, our services and facilities and any other queries you have.

In the first instance, you will reach our helpdesk who can take basic information – such as name, contact information – before you are passed onto our admissions team if you wish to proceed with your inquiry.

2. Assessment

If you are interested in getting admitted, you will be asked to complete an assessment with a therapist, or in rare cases with a consultant depending on the complexity of the case, at Castle Craig Hospital. This assessment will include a short history of your problems and other questions to help us see what level of treatment you require and if our services are suitable. It will usually take 30 minutes over the phone to complete.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist may wish to follow up by phone or email for more information where this is necessary.

3. Medical Information

We will ask you to provide details of your GP or other clinician where this is possible so that we can gather any relevant medical information. This will help us to ensure that you have a safe admission to our clinic and allows our clinical team to determine whether you are suitable for treatment at Castle Craig Hospital.

This information will be kept in strict confidence by our team or professionals.

4. Arrange Admission

Motivation to change is an extremely powerful factor in recovery, and to take advantage of this our team can arrange a quick admission from the point you contact us for you or your loved one to enter treatment.

Before getting admitted, we will send you all necessary documentation of what to expect when you arrive, including information on what you can bring for your stay.

5. Arrange Payment

Our admissions team will explain our services and fees to you, and arrange for payment to be taken for admission to treatment.

6. Transport

Castle Craig Hospital is located in the Scottish countryside outside of Edinburgh, which provides a serene and healthy landscape for your recovery. We can provide transport from the train terminal or airport in Edinburgh to Castle Craig Hospital. Please ask one of our admissions staff about your transport needs.

7. On Arrival

Our team will be here to greet you when you arrive at Castle Craig Hospital. You will be met by the person that has arranged your admission to finalise any paperwork or payment, and explain the next steps.

If you arrive with your family, they will have the opportunity to see a member of the therapeutic team assigned to you, who can explain the family treatment programme, visiting times and any other questions they might have about the treatment.

After you have been welcomed, a nurse will take you through the medical admission, unpack and help you prepare for your road to recovery. You will be introduced to another patient who has been at Castle Craig Hospital for two weeks already, so they can show you around and help you settle in.

Call any time to get admitted

0800 0322 880 (International +44 1721 788 006)

Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day. Our helpdesk and admissions department is open 9am – 5pm weekdays, and we can respond to enquiries in the evenings and at weekends.  You can call to speak to us about the admissions process at our rehabilitation centre or to ask any questions about our addiction treatment programme.

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