Admission to our Rehab Clinic

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Getting Admitted

We understand that you or a loved one might be experiencing distress, or in need of urgent help and this is why we provide clear information on admission to rehab and expert admissions staff ready to answer your phone call.

Getting Admitted

Costs and funding

Patients at Castle Craig can either pay for rehab treatment privately, or through medical insurance, and some patients receive funding through their national health insurer – in the United Kingdom this is the NHS or the local authority

Costs and Funding

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Filling in our online pre-admission form will help us to respond to your admission needs.

Apply for admission online

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about admissions.

Admissions Q&A

Admissions to Castle Craig Rehab Clinic (Transcription)

Jillian Johnstone, Admissions Manager:

Initial Contact

My job involves being the first point of contact for Castle Craig and putting people’s minds at rest really. Trying to make the process as smooth as possible. Quite often, it’s a family member that’s phoned in, maybe about their loved ones so they’re quite often upset, don’t know what to do.

And really, myself and Allison, we try to make that process as smooth as possible and do as much for them as we can with regards to transport arrangements, getting medical information, and really just guiding them through the whole process. It’s affecting their lives, so when it gets to the point that their life is going to change completely, I think that’s when they contact us.

Pre-admission assessment and medical history

After the initial contact, Allison and I would take a brief history, which we would then pass onto one of our consultants, who would then contact the patient themselves and do a more in-depth pre-admission assessment.

While that’s being done, we would contact the patient’s GP for medical information. Quite often people will say they don’t know very much about the addiction. But it’s really the past medical history we’re looking for, to make sure that we’re going to admit them as safely as possible. That we know everything that we need to. You know, if they’re on any medication and that kind of thing. While the consultants are doing their assessment, we’ll get that information.

Basically, once those two things are done, we can arrange admission. But, we would discuss the costs, how long they would have to stay in treatment, or how long we would envisage they would stay in treatment.


Privately, you would be admitted very quickly and you would pay for that yourself. If it’s via the NHS, then they have their own procedures that must be followed before we would receive a referral.

We also accept insurance companies. The main insurance companies that would be happy to pay for Castle Craig would be BUPA and AXA PPP. Although we have had various different insurance companies, quite often. Companies, or if it’s a foreign patient, for example, they’ll have a different type of insurance which we can accept as well.

And we quite often get people that we maybe have spoken to a year or two ago, you know, we’ve sent them all the information, talked to them quite a lot and it goes quiet. And then they’ll phone in and say they can’t believe it, they’re ready, they’ve asked for help. So we would then get things moving very quickly because sometimes, them asking for help… that changes very quickly. They can change their mind very quickly.


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